Cours interuniversitaires

2023-03-22 -Integrated care and care pathways: how to do it ? -  Prof Macq

2024-03-22- Management of patients in nursing care homes continuity of _care transition from and to hospitals roles of the coordinating physician - Prof J. De Lepeleire

22 03 2024 Nutrition and hydration in Geriatrics and the geriatric patient in emergencies - Drs De Breucker, Beernaert et Ghesquière

2023-11-24-  BIUCGM_kw_lorenz

2023-11-24 Gepast voorschrijven bij ouderen

2023-11-24 De rol van logopedie binnen revalidatie_Sarah Geens_

2023-11-24 Verpleegkundige aspecten - Mia Van Der Velpen

2023-11.24. BIUGM Stroke rehabilitation 2023 - Jos Tournoy

2023-11-24. Rol van ergotherapie in de (geriatrische) revalidatie

2023-11-24-  Rol van kinesitherapie - Margraet van Dijck, Patsy Allegaert, Stef Gillabel

2023_11_24_DALLEUR O._MARIEN S._SIBILLE F-X._Optimisation de la prescription

2023_11_24_MARTIN F._Réadaptation Gériatrique

2023_11_24_DESSART P._Réadaptation de l’AVC des octogénaires

2023_11_24_LEGRAND A-C._Réadaptation gériatrique: expérience d'une jeune gériatre

2023_11_24_PEETERS A._AVC à la phase aiguë: prise en charge médicale

2023_05_26_PERKISAS S._Healthy ageing

2023_05_26_BASTIJNS S._Sarcopenia

2023_05_26_DE BREUCKER S._ Sarcopénie


2023_05_26_GILLAIN S._Hôpital de Jour Gériatrique

2023_03_17_BIUCGM (password : Geriatrie23)

2023_01_20_BIUCGM (password : Geriatrie)


2022_12_09_GIELEN E._Diagnosis and treatment of age-related osteoporosis

2022_12 _09_DETROYER E._Management of delirium in older persons

2022_12_09_VANDERVELDE S._Falls Prevention

2022_12_09_HATSE S._Biology of aging and immunosenescence

2022_12_09_FLAMAING J._Vaccination of the elderly

2022_12_09_SCHOEVAERDTS D._Epidemiology and approach of resistant pathogens in older persons

2022_05_20_SOMERS A._Polypharmacy and prevention of DRPs

2022_05_20_CARREIN M._The Gheop³-Tool: an explicit screening tool to detect DRPs in primary care

2022_05_20_PETROVIC M._Inappropriate drug prescribing in older adults

2022_05_20_GCA interactive workshop

2022_03_18_GILLAIN S._BIUCGM 2022

2022_03_18_COLLIGNON J._Geriatric Oncology

2022_01_21_VAN DEN NOORTGATE N._Pain in the older person and cognitively impaired

2022_01_21_VAN DEN NOORTGATE N._The ageing kidney/Chronic kidney failure


2021 11_19_Cammen2019_Article_WhereErgonomicsMeetsGeriatrics

2021_11_19_Anton Jellema_Geriatrie gerontologie

2021_11_19_Van der Cammen et al autonomous ageing AND design

2021_11_19_EAT_YuSong & van der Cammen Maturitas


2021_11_19_AHJellema et al 2019 Shoe design for older Adults

2021_05_20_CHONG_Y-M._The crucial role of caregivers in geriatric care

2021_05_20_DE ALMEIDA MELLO_A._Presentation BelRAI

2021_05_20_MACQ_J._The general logic of my interventions this PM

2021_05_20_SCHOEVAERDS_D._Understanding interdisciplinary team working in geriatric medicine

2021_01_22 BAEYENS J.-P._Geriatric Medicine in Belgium : from the past to the future

2021_01_22_VAN DEN NOORTGATE_N._Geriatric Day Hospital

2021_01_22_FLAMAING_J._Interne liaison

2021_01_22_VANDENBROUCKE_M._Beroepsorganisatie en Nomenclatuur


2020_05_14_BALLEGEER F.-GORET H._ Bekwaamheid en bewind

2020_01_17_VAN DEN NOORTGATE_N. - PIERS_R._End-of-life care in geriatric medicine

2020_01_17_VAN DEN NOORTGATE N._Dealing with euthanasia on geriatric wards

2020_01_17_LEMEY_L._Depressive disorders in late life

2020_01_17_PETROVIC_M._Sleep Disorders in Older People


2019_11_29_VLAEYEN E_Presentation_Fall_prevention_BIUCGM

2019_11_29 DEJAEGER M._Orthogeriatric Care

2019_11_29_GIELEN E._Update on diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis

2019_11_29_PERKISAS S._Muscle assessment through ultrasound

2019-05-16 Van Eenoo L - BelRAI introduction

2019-05-16 Petrovic M - Inappropriate drug prescribing in older adults

2019-05-16 GheOP3S-tool_ ENG

2019-05-16 Foubert K. - The GheOP³S-tool

2019-05-16 Capiau A - Polypharmacy and prevention of drug related problems

2019-03-15 Vandenbroucke M - Beroepsorganisatie en nomenclatuur

2019-03-15 Flamaing J - Internal Geriatric Consultation Teams

2019-03-15 Petermans J - Screening in old patient

2019-03-15 De Breucker S - Oncogeriatrics

2019-03-15 Clinical Cases Oncogeriatrics + answers

2019-01-18 Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment WS4 - Inappropriate prescription

2019-01-18 Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment WS3 - Psychogeriatrics

2019-01-18 Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment WS2 - Oncogeriatrics

2019-01-18 Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment WS1-TAVI


2018-11-16 Mets T. Demographics

2018-11-16 De Brauwer I - Frailty

2018-05-17 Van Den Noortgate N - The ageing kidney - Chronic kidney failure

2018-05-17 Schoevaerdts D - The place of emotional intelligence in our work

2018-05-17 Degelaen C- How to optimize team work

2018-03-16 Poppe K - Thyroid disorders in the elderly

2018-03-16 Petrovic M - Appropriate use of Psychotropic drugs in frail older people

2018-03-16 Pepersack T - Primary hyperparathyroidism

2018-03-16 Lemey L - Depressive disorders in late life

2018-01-12 Van Dijk M - Therapy after stroke

2018-01-12 Van der Velpen M - Role of the nursing staff Gira

2018-01-12 Tournoy J - Guidelinesfor adult stroke rehabilitation and recovery

2018-01-12 Rakic J-M - Aging_and_Ophthalmology

2018-01-12 Miermans K - Swallowing and communication disorders after stroke

2018-01-12 Lagier A - Swallowing disorders in the elderly

2018-01-12 Els Vermeylen - Occupational therapy


2017-11-17 Perskisas S - Dementia

2017-11-17 Pepersack T- Boland B - Anticoagulants

2017-11-17 Mets T - Pressure Ulcers

2017-11-17 De Cock A-M - Mild cognitive impairment

2017-05-19 Pepersack T-Boland B - Direct oral anticoagulants in older patients with AF

2017-05-19 de Saint-Hubert M - TAVI and preoperative assessment

2017-05-19 de Saint Hubert M - Immunity_ageing_2017

2017-05-01 Flamaing - Infection_and_prevention_def_2017

2017-03-17 Petermans J - Kepenne V Evacuation problems in the old patient

2017-03-17 Pepersach T - Electrolytes disorders in geriatrics

2017-03-17 Penders Y - Challenges in communication about end of life

2017-03-17 Litiguard Advocaten -

2017-03-17 Cuenen A - Safe mobility in older adults

2017-01-05 Piers R - Van Den Noortgate N - End of life care in Geriatric medicine