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Privacy policy

In the context of your membership of the BVGG, the following personal details are kept by the BVGG-SBGG:

  • Your name, date of birth and mother tongue
  • Your private and work address
  • Your telephone number and E-mail address
  • Your diploma and job title
  • Your membership fee (amount and time of payment), membership status and mentorship
  • Your subscriptions to magazines via the BVGG-SBGG (name, personal address and E-mail for the editor)

This data will be used by the BVGG for the following purposes:

  • Requesting the annual membership contributions
  • Administration and analysis of the member database of the BVGG-SBGG
  • Mailings about events organized and / or supported by the BVGG-SBGG
  • Mailings with the request for cooperation in initiatives organized and / or supported by the BVGG-SBGG

This privacy statement is part of the General Data Protection Registry (GDPR). Each member is entitled to inspect the data that is stored about him / her and each member can ask to remove his / her data from the BVGG files.

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