About the BSGG


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The Belgian Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics was founded in Liège (on the same place and same year as the IAG) by Prof. Brull, and merged in 1972 with the Société de Gérontologie (Brussels) and the Vlaamse Vereniging voor Geriatrie.


Number of Members: 670


Flemish Congress: Ostend, end of februari

French Congress: Liège, end of october

General Assembly: Brussels, end of may or begin of june

Geriatric Care in Belgium:

Fron 1986: Geriatrics was a special competence of internal medicine (5 years internal medicien + 1 year geriatrics)

From 19-08-2006: Geriatrics is a full speciality (3 years internal medicine + 3 years geriatrics).

A geriatric department (acute care and rehabilitaion together) is now present in every of the 102 general hospitals.

We have now 280 geriatricians.