Urinary Incontinence – Slides

The Urinary Incontinence SIG prepared a set of slides about Urinary Incontinence to increase the knowledge of this Geriatric Syndrome and to facilitate the teaching and dissemination of the main clinical aspects of the management of Urinary Incontinence in older people.

With this initiative the SIG goals are to stimulate the proper management of older patients with urinary incontinence as well as to improve the low percentage of assessment and intervention in this neglected Geriatric Syndrome.

Link to slides: https://www.eugms.org/research-cooperation/special-interest-groups/urinary-incontinence/urinary-incontinence-intro.html

Best regards,

Benedetta Bellotti - EuGMS Secretariat - on behalf of

Carlos Verdejo and Antoine Vella

Leaders of SIG on Urinary Incontinence