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Enhancing End-of-life Decision-making: Optimal Regulation of Euthanasia (Belgian Case Study on Euthanasia)

As part of an international project, led from Australia, researchers are seeking healthcare professionals who would like to participate in an interview about how they experience euthanasia regulation.

  • Are you a health professional (doctor, nurse or professional caregiver)?
  • Have you been involved in the euthanasia assessment of at least two patients in the past year?
  • Are you proficient in English or Dutch?

If you answered yes to all questions, we are seeking your participation in a study aiming to better understand how euthanasia is currently regulated in Belgium. The project aims to learn from your experiences of euthanasia in Belgium to inform a comparative study with Australia, where euthanasia is relatively new. The project will propose an optimal holistic regulatory framework for euthanasia in Australia, with recommendations for improvements to euthanasia regulation in Belgium as well.

Participation involves taking part in a private video-conference or telephone interview (up to 1 hour), at a time convenient for you. To find out more please contact Madeleine Archer (+61 499 510 595 or or visit the project website: